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Agoura Hills, CA.

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Photo Alchemist of this Internet Emporium

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Photo Alchemist of this Internet Emporium

I have been a storyteller for years. I published my scifi novel, U-Turn at Next Synapse back in 2017 and am a Cohost/creator of the horror videogame podcast, See No Evil. For years I have designed and composited my own photos on a phone. While people texted I created. A lot of the designs you see are done on my Samsung Galaxy S9 in one form or another. Photo Alchemy began as a twitch show on _outpost13...whilst the world grappled with 'stay at home' and '6 ft. distance'. Recently, I had to say a temporary adieu to my formal creative endeavors due to craniospinal decline. Launching this internet emporium has not only been fun, but oddly therapeutic. Thank ya kindly for dropping in! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask for my Swan Butler.

Checkmate and rummy my dear Gladiators.